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Guidance to Justice Law Firm, PLLC is highly adept in various aspects of real estate law. Mary C. Anderson, attorney at law offers extensive knowledge and experience underwriting real estate loans, as well as performing a variety of real estate related services in the industry. A safe and secure place to own and live is something we all work for, aspire to, and deserve. However, the complex nature of real estate law in Snohomish and King counties can pose a number of issues for clients of all ages. During a foreclosure or loan situation, receive the support you deserve when you turn to Mary C Anderson, at Guidance to Justice Law Firm, PLLC. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your situation, and let’s make your CASE!

Mary C. Anderson, at Guidance to Justice Law Firm, PLLC is well versed in title resolution transactions in various matters regarding real property. The firm has represented clients at the Supreme Court level, which is, the highest court in Washington State who renders the final decision of the case.

See below for actual hearings which took place at the Supreme Court level:

Deed preparation is commonplace in real estate law – most common, being a Quit Claim Deed request/action. Quit claims are often needed in times such as those listed below:

  • Adding or removing a spouse from title
  • Transferring real estate to or from an LLC
  • Funding a Revocable Living Trust
  • Transferring real estate pursuant to a divorce decree

If you are seeking title resolution of any capacity, give us a call and schedule your consultation today! Our phone number is: 425-818-8077.

Preventing Foreclosure Situations

Are you at risk of losing your home? Mary C. Anderson, at Guidance to Justice Law Firm, PLLC will work with you, and fight for you to ensure that the proper foreclosure process is followed; possibly to prevent foreclosure altogether. There are several methods which can be used to avoid foreclosure on your beloved home. Some of the strategies which our firm has successfully utilized in avoiding foreclosure on homeowners are as follows:

  • Foreclosure Fairness Act (mandatory, in person mediated meeting for possible solutions between bank & homeowner)
  • Loan Modification
  • Deed in lieu of Foreclosure
  • Short Sale
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

We understand that situations, as listed above, are stress filled and uncertain times for our clients. Mary C. Anderson appreciates how overwhelming mortgage payment defaults (which trigger your lender’s foreclosure process) can be on our clients. You may be at a point whereby you have received multiple correspondence letters from your Bank or Loan Servicer of the threatening foreclosure. Do not bury your head in the sand. Act now! And give us a call today and, schedule a consultation so we may discuss the very best option available for YOUR special circumstance.

Mary C. Anderson, at Guidance to Justice Law Firm, PLLC is well versed in Wrongful Foreclosures issues. The firm has represented clients at the Supreme Court level, which is, the highest court in Washington State who renders the final decision of the case

Do You Need Loan Modification?

Unfortunately, sub-prime lending has put many homeowners in a financial hardship. During difficult financial situations, turn to my real estate and personal injury practice for guidance.

If you qualify for a loan modification, count on me to provide you with the answers you need. I will tell you which documents to provide, and analyze your case to come up with a customized negotiation plan that fits your unique real estate and financial situation. I then begin negotiating with your lender to lower your interest rates, using any available legal leverage at my disposal to get you the best mortgage modification deal possible.

Lenders can be hard to deal with, but with the right attorney on your side for your real estate law services, you will have the solution you need. My goal is to help you secure a mortgage at a rate you can afford to pay off as soon as possible.

Loan Modification Frequently Asked Questions

What is a loan modification?
A loan modification is when the bank allows a change in the terms of your existing mortgage. The purpose of a modification is to significantly lower your monthly payments (thus preventing a foreclosure of your home), for either a temporary or permanent period of time.

Who qualifies for a loan modification?
Anyone that is having trouble paying their existing loan can potentially qualify for a loan modification. In today’s housing market banks are willing to work with mortgage holders who are having trouble paying their mortgage. Homeowners with a high probability of getting a loan modification are those currently in an adjustable rate mortgage, who have a high interest rate, and/or are experiencing any kind of hardship.

Why will it work for me?
The government has asked for all lending banks to help in the foreclosure epidemic and modify mortgages for all troubled homeowners. By going to your lender with an experienced real estate attorney, you will make this scary process seem simple.

What if my credit is bad?
A Loan Modification is not based on credit. The banks are trying to make a good loan out of a troubled loan. The loan modification will not hurt your credit, as generally only late payments or a foreclosure will negatively affect your credit score.

What if I have no equity or I am upside on my home?
It does not matter! Some banks are doing a principal reduction, which means the bank will discount the total loan amount to the current value of your home or, fairly close to it. Most banks or lenders rarely do this, as it takes negotiation of an experienced attorney. I have been able to successfully negotiate approximately $170,000 of principal reduction, in which the borrowers are (forgiven) the omitted debt.

What if my income is too low?
You will need to show the bank that you and all others in your household together can afford the new payment.

What should I expect the terms to be on my new loan?
Banks are rapidly changing guidelines for Loan Modifications. A bank will typically modify your loan into a loan you can afford and continue to pay. This may include a lower interest rate, payment reschedule, principal reduction, longer terms or any other modification that will make and keep the loan a “performing loan.”

How much can I save by doing a loan modification?
You can save hundreds or even thousands a month, depending on your loan amount. Remember, a loan is typically for 30 years. So the loan modification that saves you $500 a month really equals $150,000 over the life of the loan.

Does every bank do loan modifications?
Most banks do some form of a loan modification. Due to the housing crisis, most banks are willing to work with clients to help them save their homes.

How long does the process take?
While every bank is different, it typically takes 30-90 days or more to settle on a loan modification agreement.

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