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“My modification was originally approved, but was only a trial modification. I went through the trial period and the mortgage company sent the final modification to my bankruptcy attorney. I did not get it and of course did not sign it. The final mod. was rejected. Mary called several times and responded with an appeal. through her efforts it was eventually approved. Thanks Mary”

“Prior to hiring Mary Anderson, I searched for an attorney to take my case regarding settling a breach of contract involving real estate. It was a rather complicated case stemming from a domestic violence issue. I spoke with several attorneys prior to Mary and being that there was no written contract on the matter, no one was willing to help me.

Mary Anderson was referred to me by another attorney who felt that she was diligent and was a good fit to help me with my problem. He was absolutely correct.

Mary was reassuring, knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient. She navigated the legal system like a true professional and did an incredible job in helping me to win my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney for the job. I highly recommend Mary Anderson.”
-Glenn Kawagishi

“Mary Anderson is a consummate professional who handled my bankruptcy case with kindness and compassion. She answered every question along the way guiding me through a challenging process. Mary’s commitment to justice for her clients is unsurpassed.”

“After 4 years of trying to obtain a modification on my home loan which involved numerous modification packages submitted, 2 mediation meetings with the lender, and another lawyer, Mary was able to help me obtain a HAMP loan. I cannot express my indebtedness for Mary’s ability to deal with the insidious methods of the banking institution.

I had given up any hope of a resolution and had been told numerous times by many people (lawyers, financial people, real estate individuals) that my situation was helpless and to short sale my property. Mary was my last hope and she instilled the confidence that it was not a lost cause.
I am so thankful for her professionalism, knowledge and ability to perform so successfully. I highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation!”

“Fell behind on my home mortgage payments and in danger of losing my home. I had a very bad experience with the first lawyer I hired to assist me in getting a loan modification. Someone I trust recommended Mary. My situation was both complex and difficult. She was honest with me about the challenges but she was undaunted and knew what had to be done. I knew I was in very capable hands. Mary was able to negotiate a favorable loan modification, far better than I had hoped. I will be eternally grateful and would recommend Mary to anyone needing help with home mortgage problems!”

“I was extremely impressed with Mary Anderson for all the work she did on my bankruptcy. She was able to get all of my debt discharged. As a single parent, I fell behind in some bills and needed quick relief. I thought filing bankruptcy would be very intense and a long process. However, there was not a lot of back and forth since Mary was very thorough and precise with her directions making it easy for me to comply.

I recommend Mary for anyone who is thinking about filing bankruptcy. If you are looking for an attorney to get the job done the first time around, Mary is your answer. I thank her for a job well done.”

“From start to finish I have been amazed with Mary. I have sold real estate for over 10 years and the big crash began in 2008- with this being my only source of income I fell behind on my mortgage payments. I hired Mary to help me receive a loan modification. I did not feel it was possible as I had not made a payment in over 5 years. I am forever grateful for Mary. She called me and told me that I had received a loan modification and the arrears of over $140,000 may be forgiven and that my monthly payment decrease by $1000. I continued to enjoy my home and so grateful that I hired Mary to help me save my home.”

“Fell behind on my mortgage payments, thought I was going to lose my home and requested that my loan be modified. After several months back and forth with the lender-Lender declined my loan modification request. Then I hired Mary and her firm and GUESS WHAT!!! I was offered a loan modification that cured my default of almost 2 years and received over $40,000 in loan forgiveness–I HIGHLY recommend Mary for all your real estate needs.”

“I was one of the people hit really hard back when the economy took a turn for the worst. I tried to refinance but was unsuccessful. I then tried for a modification on my own before seeking legal guidance. After being disapproved for the modification, I was in danger of losing my home. Therefore, I decided to seek legal counsel through Mary Anderson. She was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do in order to get my modification approved and to keep me out of foreclosure. Not only did she help to get my mortgage lowered by a substantial amount per month but also was forgiven a debt in the amount of $42,000.00 dollars! The process was easy and smooth and I was confident in her ability to get things done for my benefit. I am very thankful to her and will definitely hire her again.”

“I had been working on a loan modification with Chase Bank for around four years. I had documented over 100 phone calls with them and was getting nowhere. I hired Mary to handle my case. She took complete control and now I have a modification in place. I do not believe it would have happened without her oversight. She saved our home and our retirement and I would hesitate to recommend Mary if you need some good legal work in this area.”

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