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Understand your rights and receive the representation you deserve for every situation when you consult with Guidance To Justice Law Firm, PLLC. My name is Mary C. Anderson, a personal injury, civil, and real estate attorney in Everett, Bothell, Bellevue & Seattle, WA. Since starting my practice in 2012, I have made it my mission to uphold the law for every client in need. No matter what your situation is, you can trust that I will stand on your side throughout every phase of the case. Schedule a consultation today to use the services of a licensed real estate lawyer for any issue.

Mary C. Anderson: Your Trusted Lawyer

Navigating the complex legal world can be difficult without the right attorney on your side. Invoke your rights when you request my assistance.

Whether you have experienced a severe personal injury or you believe your civil rights have been violated, I am here to provide you with the representation you need and deserve for your case. I bring extensive experience to each of my clients, and I am committed to fighting for the underdog. During my years in practice, I have argued in front of our State Supreme Court on landmark cases related to real estate. My goal is to help each of my clients obtain justice.

Our Mission

Guidance To Justice Law Firm, PLLC is committed to practicing law in a compassionate and precise manner. I am not your typical firm or attorney. It is my mission to uphold the law and fight for justice for each and every case and client that I agree to represent.

Guidance To Justice Law Firm embodies excellence in client services. I possess the very essence of what a remarkable and passionate attorney should be. As such, my law firm believes and practices attorney-client relationships based on a foundation of mutual respect, mutual trust, and genuine compassion. Injustice, in any way or form is not acceptable in my eyes. If for no other reason, helplessly witnessing acts of injustice time and time again is the motivating factor in determining my chosen profession – Attorney at Law.

The main focus of Guidance To Justice Law Firm is simple: Banks and lenders must be obligated to assist their homeowners, and my clients whereby the first and only “solution” does not result in homeowners losing their home, through a foreclosure. I recognize the deep, overwhelming outcry of homeowners and general public, and I am eagerly prepared and willing to take your hand and guide you to justice. My law firm is your source for recourse in order to know your rights, understand your rights, and to invoke your rights.

Personal Injury

After an accident or other incident leaves you in pain, let me fight for you. Schedule a consultation with me today to discuss the details of your case.

Civil Rights

The Constitution details the rights that we are entitled to from birth. If you believe your rights have been violated, turn to me for the justice you deserve.

Real Estate

Are you facing foreclosure or other real estate issues? Understand your rights and receive the support you need when you work with my firm.
Contact me, Mary C. Anderson, to speak with a real estate attorney in Everett, Washington. I proudly offer services for clients throughout Seattle, Bothell, Bellevue, and surrounding areas.